Wooden Book with Centipede Binding

The Greek binding is an ornate historical binding dating from the 7th century.   This stitch has many similarities to the Ethiopian Style binding, but has a strikingly different effect.  We will maximize this difference by sewing with 2 different colors of thread. The elegant sewing structure, combined with wooden covers, opens a wide range of possibilities for both the beginner and the advanced bookbinder.  Using simple hand tools, you will drill, shape, and smooth your book covers.  Finishing includes sealing your wooden covers with milk paint creating the leathery appearance that I use on much of my work.  Once our books are painted, sealed and sewn, we will attach the Centipede stitch as an adornment to our book.  The centipede binding is easily mastered after one understands the structure and workings of the Greek binding. Many of Daniel’s books are featured in the Penland Book of Handmade Books.