Wizard of Odds Parade Banners

AMAtusdeMeng-Wizard-of-Odds-NOLA-BannerOptional Add-On Workshop
January 18, 2016

Perhaps you’re a Winged Monkey, a Munchkin or a Winkie. Maybe you represent the Lollypop Guild or the Lullaby League. Whatever your Oz affiliation you just might need a banner to announce your comings and goings as you parade down the Yellow Brick Road through the French Quarter.

In this one day workshop we are going to create our very own Wizard of Odds themed parade banners. We’ll start with a piece of canvas (about 20”X30”) and using a multitude of layers and mixed media techniques bring your banner to life. We’ll focus on some classic sideshow style paint techniques and color combinations to create an eye-catching visual for your banner. A little collage, a few stencil techniques, and whole lot of paint and we’ll be off to see the wizard!

We’ve got all kinds of tricks up our sleeve and couple of magic wands, all you need to do is show up with your kit fee and a few good paintbrushes, we’ll take care of the rest. Collage and stencils and paint…oh my!

About the Instructor

Andrea Matus deMeng


Andrea Matus is a Vancouver-based mixed media artist whose artwork defies easy categorization. She merges painting, collage, assemblage, and sculpture in ways that challenge conventional distinctions between these forms and creates work that is both beautiful and conceptually rich.

Matus’ art is rooted in a celebration of femininity, resilience, and creativity, drawing from sources as diverse as contemporary culture, mythology, historic iconography, and her own travel experiences. By combining these disparate elements, she creates surreal worlds that transport the viewer to new times and places.

Each motif in Matus’ artworks is selected with care, and her original illustrations, color choices, and use of ornamentation and symbolism combine to create powerful visual statements that tell compelling stories. The improvisational nature of her collage techniques coupled with a very precise paint process combine spontaneity and premeditation in her work resulting in pieces that feel unique and meticulously crafted.

Matus’ willingness to experiment with new materials and techniques is central to her practice. Her recent series, Optical Collages, demonstrates her ongoing dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in mixed media art.

Matus is involved with exhibitions and workshops held throughout the world and a growing base of collectors in North America, Australia and Europe.

Instructor Supplies

Andrea will be supplying canvas, wood, parchment, collage materials and assorted paints for a $20.00 material fee. The material fee will be collected on the day of the workshop. Supplied materials include:

  • Canvas (pre-primed)
  • Banner carrying apparatus (ie. Two pieces of wood)
  • Collage Materials (paper, ephemera, tissue paper and themed images, etc.)
  • Parchment Paper (so your banner can simply be rolled up to take home)
  • Supply kit also include the use of all:
  • Stencils
  • Paints
  • Matte Medium
  • Collage Tools
  • Mark making tools
  • Portfolio Pastels

Student Supplies

  1. 3-4 good paintbrushes, at least one of these should be a good detail brush
  • Heat Gun
  • Your own collage imagery
  • Fringe or tassles for your banner