Who’s Your DADA: a Series of Alternative Art Doll Workshops

Most of us have played with dolls in our childhood. We play-acted with and through them, and for some of us, the experience helped prepare us for adulthood … (or not)!

We’re still playing with dolls, but these are full of moxie and spirit and it’s that essence this workshop will capture and express. Since these dolls are too diversified for a single session, this program will present them as a series of six featuring:

  • tin cans
  • wood
  • paper
  • box constructions
  • gourds
  • fabric

Each will be combined with mixed media, utilizing myriad surface and attachment techniques unique to the individual series. All in all, you’ll find these dolls to be wild, whimsical, non-traditional and outrageously

For Valley Ridge, we’ve created a very special 2-day, mixed metal, book doll class titled: The Mixed-Metal Journal Doll which starts with etched copper sheet doors, riveted to colorful deconstructed tin litho cans and coil bound. Students will create a one-of-a-kind book doll, approx. 15″ – like, but not limited to, the Mistress of Zorro doll featured in the premiere issue of the Art Doll Quarterly magazine. You will choose from several styles, designs and door options and once you’ve decided… your copper sheet will be etched, oxidized and become your journal covers, where they will combine with tin and be hinged and bound to complete your doll’s journal body. We’ll also explore closures, hinging, various riveting and joinery techniques, electric deconstruction tools, PNP etching, face and limb options and surface design … and for our pages, we’ll explore a variety of new materials from ranger and some new image transfer techniques. This class will be packed with demos and multiple hands-on techniques guaranteed to elevate tin can dolls to their next highest level!