Where the Story Begins II

Do you ever see a painting that you wish you could walk into and discover what is behind every single stroke of paint? Perhaps there is a sky filled with candy stars and birds that not only sing, but also talk. Maybe behind that streak of orange paint there is a table and chairs set for afternoon tea.

This workshop honors paintings and all art forms that make you dream about what the artist is expressing visually with their skill, talent, and imagination. Looking deep into a painting doesn’t require anything more than your own eyes and a little imagination to see a story unfold, whether it is a simple story or something so involved that it would take novels to explain and understand. But as the artist, you are the creator of the story, even if it translates into another story by the time it reaches the viewer. You will paint what you see, feel, hear, and wish to convey with paint. It is a magical gift to be able to express ourselves in such a way, and everyone is capable. All it takes is a little paint and determination.

In this class we will work BIG, allowing you to be free with your brushes, fingers, and thoughts while exploring new techniques, new ideas and many mediums. We will be painting, drawing, looking briefly at composition, color, and discovering how each can express different emotions and together create a story. This class will focus on mixed media painting; adding layers of paint, collage, inks, image transfers, ephemera, drawing & painting the face, and other techniques.