Urn Your Keep

Now I’m of a belief that to be a great artist you need to put yourself, body and soul, into your pieces. So perhaps I’m taking it a bit far with this idea, but hey why not create a nice little space for you to dwell in after you “shuffled off this mortal” coil? In this class we’ll be making mixed media urns or reliquaries to house very special items (heirlooms, old letters, or even YOU) for posterity. Sure it sounds a bit morbid but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with the idea. Of course another possibility is that this is a time capsule of sorts for whatever object you what to enshrine for the future (I hear Twinkies last forever…or thereabouts).

The basic process will be to take a box, jar, canister, etc. and using found objects, and personal effects transform it into some sacred container. We will do this using a combination of assemblage, collage, and painting. To quote David Bowie: "Ashes to ashes, fun to funky.”