Thrashing Out A Design

Those of you who have spent time at Valley Ridge are already familiar with the fabulous piece of antique farm equipment parked under the Burr Oak behind the Community Building – that beautiful old thrasher. While photographing this fabulous thrasher, it dawned on me that no matter what part of it I was shooting, it was a terrific design. Motivated and inspired by the intricacies of its structure, I thought how this piece of farm equipment naturally lends itself to all the elements of art and principles of design. Rather than speaking about design in abstract terms, we will use the thrasher as a hands on example.

Join me in this 2-day workshop as we explore the various aspects of design. Your assignment: To create elements for a piece of jewelry based on these design principles. You will use specific parts of the thrasher such as the chains or the gears (as in the photo’s below) as inspiration for your own piece of adornment. We will examine surface textures, patinas, and connections along with all the other elements such as line, form, color and space as well as the principles including variation, repetition and scale. Finally, we will discuss how all the elements and principles affect the narrative of your work.

Participants can expect to leave with numerous parts and perhaps a finished piece of work.

On Thursday night, I will be preparing a dinner that will focus specifically on elements and principles of design (optional, $20.00). Art never ends.