The Journey from Spontaneity to Intent

Paint & play go hand in hand while learning the ins and outs of working on claybord!  When we are spontaneous and let ourselves really mix up the media, the result is a true artistic adventure.   

Using the very fun and forgiving substrate of claybord, you will work on groups of small abstract mixed media pieces that can function as the beginning of a body of work. Suitable for any level painter, abstraction becomes approachable when explored through a guided process of spontaneous layering. Experiment with multiple media such as ink; soft and oil pastels; acrylic and airbrush paints; and collage materials. Carve interesting texture into your claybord pieces and learn tricks such as erasing; distressing and carving back into previously completed layers. Learn how sticking with a defined color palette helps avoid "mud" in your work. You’ll also learn how to critically assess your individual results and move toward completion (or intent) by evaluating composition, value contrast and line in your work. The final result will be a cohesive group of small abstracts, along with many new skills that can be applied to all your mixed media creations.