The Artful Alphabet

As children we’re told "A is for Apple, C is for Cat",etc. As artists we have a whole lifetime of experiences and inspirations to harvest to create our personal Exemplar. (Exemplar: An artistic presentation of the letters of the alphabet.) We will work with collage and mixed media painting techniques to create large, expressive works of art that describe and define our lives. Each artist will create a bold and distinctive alphabet, using personal memorabilia and other ephemera, combined with painting, stamping, mono-printing, and found objects. Learn new ways of working with images, as well as tips for maintaining your creative verve.

Important: In this program, the emphasis is always on exploration and finding new ways of uncovering ideas. The announced "theme" of each class is for the purpose of creating a framework to begin working, but the instructor is much more interested in each student having a rewarding class experience, rather than completing a project or assignment. Your work may take surprising twists and turns, and move far beyond the restrictions of the class theme. Please keep that in mind when registering for this program.