Telling Stories

These whimsical puppets and their stories are brought to life by a little sculpture, a little painting, a little writing and some magic. Each puppet will carry your tale in words and image, canvas, paper and paint, on its surface.  Made using the simplest of materials, newspaper, masking tape, wire and clay, these puppets can give life to the inhabitants of our imagination. Whether their stories are wicked, sly, cute, or profound, we’ll do some work to uncover the story they have to tell. You’ll also make a small accompanying journal to serve as a storybook.

Spend two days doing creative exercises, learning about construction of the armature of the head, creating a small journal, and spilling a story out across the three dimensional surface of the puppet and our book. You’ll receive as much teacher attention as you desire and time permits.  This medium is accessible to everyone!   

A unique feature of this class is a private blog that will begin three weeks prior to the workshop and remain active for three weeks following, so that we can converse about any questions or concerns you may have or just have fun!