Take Three: The Magic of Color Triads is Revealed

Finally, the class you asked for……..color management using acrylic paints. You know how all the color books seem geared toward watercolors or oils? How even the most detailed of books never name colors you can find in your local store? How you keep trying and trying, but you end up with mud? Well, Mary Beth has been there and done that. And she’s now developed a class to share her simple system. Combining theories from different art references, you will learn how to find the right Triad because yes, it’s all about Red/Yellow/Blue. But you need to combine the right Red/Yellow/Blue in order to make beautiful colors.

Mary Beth will guide you through a fun process of exploration where you learn exactly which paints work together and she will name names. You will use Triads that range from earthy to whimsical to sophisticated. You will hand paint color wheels with each Red/Yellow/Blue combination. By mixing colors and adding black and white, you’ll learn to make any color you will ever need. Using an array of transparent, heavy body, and colored gesso paints, we will address all your painting needs. In addition, we will identify color themes – such as complementary, split complementary and analogous – that will make your artworks sing. 

Pick your favorite palette and paint wonderful book covers. At the end of the class, you will assemble your Color Wheel references into an Easel book that will become a constant companion in your studio.

Mary Beth will bring all the paints and other supplies except for the few items indicated.