Stairway to Heaven I

A fascination with architecture and a love of pattern spawned Michelle’s interest in Byzantine imagery — with the deep, rich colors found in the religious icons, shrines, and cathedrals and the recurring use of arches and domes. With a nod toward Byzantium, learn to paint papers using layers of repetitive motifs, then the use the papers to build a triptych book.

The structure will have its own architectural appeal and with a few simple steps (pun intended), we will add a pull-down stairway. When propped open, your book doubles as a shrine. We will manipulate the pages with cutouts and dimensional elements to create visual pathways across the pages, in addition to any content you want to incorporate. Using tools we make in class, each book will have its own personality.

Your book structure will be completed in the workshop, but you may find yourself continuing to add details in the following days at home with this program’s provided kit including paper, templates, binding, embellishments, and tricks for making patterns. The color palette you work with will be your choice. Use a tapestry of jewel tones or work in the subtleties of neutrals like white and gold.