Single Minded Binding

“One of these thing is not like the other, one of these things just doesn’t belong”, remember that from Sesame Street?  Well believe it or not that song actually kind of relates to art of Single Sheet Coptic bookbinding.  “Why?” well because one of the things that this style of binding allows us to do is to bring eclectic “pages” and page like objects made from a variety of different materials together.  Wood, mica, paper, plastic, metal, fabric and much more can be sewn together and bound; disparate elements unified.  A mixed media artist’s dream come true. In this technique based workshop we are going to focus on the binding method that allows us to put all of  our varied pages together in one masterful book. 

So that we don’t get distracted we will spend our day with the single minded task of mastering this unique binding method. We’ll start our day by binding our practice books, use these to take notes and perfect your technique. The rest of the day we build our distinctive book out of the diverse mixed media materials that you have brought to bind together.

About the Instructor

Andrea Matus deMeng  is a mixed media artist living in Vancouver BC who exhibits as well as teaches her unique combination of painting, collage, assemblage and sculpture throughout the world.

In her art, Andrea creates powerful portraits skillfully combining colour, symbolism and ornamentation. Each motif is a transport to a different time and place, and through the process unrelated and discordant shapes and designs are manipulated to find balance and harmony where at first there seems none. Her passions and strong feminine aesthetic can be seen in all of her endeavours. The improvisational nature of collage coupled with the very deliberate method of painting creates a balance of spontaneity and premeditation in her work. Inspired by her extensive travels, a unique personal history, and too many artistic influences to list, Andrea hopes to inspire others to live their creative lives and pursue their dreams of transformation.

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