Savor Life’s Flavor

Come join Mary Beth for an intimate weekend of Flavor loosely based on her book. Join us as we shake it up, moving seamlessly from art to music to food to dancing. We’ll share a multi-sensory weekend that transcends any art class you’ve ever attended.

Friday starts with starts. Mary Beth will share all of her favorite techniques during this wild and random day. No worries about final products, or composition, we will push our brains out of the way as we play with a multitude of materials and create lots of ‘starts’ on papers and substrates. First up is creation of a Collagraph Plate using ephemera and texture medium. We will also alter and prepare other ‘starts’ using cardboard and plexi. And how about some Crazy Paper?  By the end of the day we will get further acquainted with Friday Night Funk – a cocktail party including small bites that add up to big flavor – ok, let’s just call it dinner. We ask each attendee to bring a dish to share so we can experience new taste treats. Be prepared with copies of your recipes for fellow participants. Not a cook? No worries, just figure out something easy (fruit, cheese, anyone?), cause we want no stress here!

Saturday starts bright and early with a NIA class. Wildly fun, NIA is improvisational dancing that combines Yoga and Martial Arts; prepare to sweat. Attendance is (of course) optional; all you need are comfortable clothes cause we dance in bare feet. If you’re interested, show up at the art studio at 7:30am. Breakfast is on your own. Class starts in the Studio at 9:30.

The class on Saturday is all about Texture and Color, loosely following Mary Beth’s book but deviating into new areas with more variations. We’ll work free and loose – painting papers, making ‘parts’, prepping backgrounds, working textures, maybe even binding a journal – join along as the Queen of Multi-task shares her tricks of the trade on how to manage your studio time.

We will break at 4pm to get ready for our Evening Extravaganza. Weather depending, an afternoon hike may be in order, bring your camera and comfortable shoes if you wish to partake. At 7 pm we’ll meet up at the house where we share a Feast for the Senses (optional, additional $25) – dinner and stories and songs and laughs.  Bring your art journal (if you want), your beverage of choice and come hang out. Boas are optional.

On Sunday, we pull it all together as the elements of Saturday’s work find their place in our mixed media creations. Today the focus is Layers and Composition, working across our prepped backgrounds to move toward a cohesive dyptich. You will incorporate the ‘parts’ you made on Saturday, in addition to acrylics, mores texture & graphite. We will finish off the pieces with foil and wax, using some basic encaustic techniques.

About the Instructor

Mary Beth Shaw works in Mixed Media because she loves to play with art supplies; she jokes that Mixed Media is for artists who can’t make up their mind. Her process utilizes pastel, ink, marker and acrylics layered with various collage and texture materials; she welcomes so-called “mistakes” because they lead to wonderful opportunities and discoveries. She is author of Flavor for Mixed Media, published by North Light and is at work on her second book. She is also a Columnist for Somerset Studios.

Living in Wildwood, MO with her husband and three cats, Mary Beth is passionate about every moment of life.