Roll With It

Learn to create interesting painterly surfaces with layers of texture, pattern, and color. We will brush, brayer, scrape, stamp and spray to create an informative dossier of over twenty techniques on a twenty-five foot roll of paper. Day one is focused on the process, and is fast-paced to stay one step ahead of the inner critic. Day two is focused on the project, where the completed work is manipulated into a journal where every page has its own foundation, ready for your personal entries. The composition of each layout is only the first of many discoveries that will take place as we review several methods for adding content to the painted backgrounds.

Painting can be a quiet, zenful activity, or it can be swift and messy where amusing and clever discoveries are made. Letting yourself work and play with paint will teach you valuable lessons when you listen to the medium and let it do most of the work. This is one of my favorite classes, first taught eight years ago, with loads of new tricks added since then, including spray painting. Even though I demonstrate the assignments, each artist’s interpretation is individual and their final journals are completely fabulous. Be ready to move fast and have fun.   These explorations with acrylic will reveal many lessons you can apply to any of your mixed media interests, and will certainly jump-start or revive your enthusiasm for painting.