Reaching Back

Returning to childhood allows us to collect and reclaim the very first rumblings of undiluted, unencumbered creativity. Return to low-tech ways of creating a surface that is full of layered color, images, words, and history. By using childhood photos of yourself, you’ll delve into our own library of personal images and create more revealing works of art, rather than selecting collage materials that are merely pleasing and arbitrary. Going further, you’ll "initiate" these personal collage elements and blend them into a background surface, to further "claim" them into your composition. The process of layering creates a rich surface, full of history and accumulation — a good metaphor for living a life full of various shadings of experiences and a wide range of interests.

This process-driven workshop will use collage, paint, and journaling, to create large vivid surfaces which will also become unique artist books, at the completion of the class. For seekers and adventurers, all skill levels welcome.

Important: In this program, the emphasis is always on exploration and finding new ways of uncovering ideas. The announced "theme" of each class is for the purpose of creating a framework to begin working, but the instructor is much more interested in each student having a rewarding class experience, rather than completing a project or assignment. Your work may take surprising twists and turns, and move far beyond the restrictions of the class theme. Please keep that in mind when registering for this program.