Pocket Poltergeist: Optional Workshop

Optional Pocket Poltergeist Workshop

February 2, 2020

Want to liven up a boring dinner party? Get yourself out of a bad date quickly? Scare off the neighbors, or the taxman? You need a Pocket Poltergeist! An ancient device long forgotten has been rediscovered and now you too can have your own Pocket Poltergeist™

In this one-day workshop we’ll capture the spirit of a lost soul and create a beautiful and portable reliquary for our new guest. Using an abandoned cigarette case as our container, we’ll integrate collage, transparencies and found objects into a work of art as exquisite as it is haunting. How you choose to use your reliquary is of course up to you.

Some restrictions apply. No guarantee of induced fear due to the desensitization of current society, especially if intended audience has ever watched Game of Thrones or the Walking Dead.

About the Instructor

Andrea Matus deMeng  is a mixed media artist living in Vancouver BC who exhibits as well as teaches her unique combination of painting, collage, assemblage and sculpture throughout the world.

In her art, Andrea creates powerful portraits skillfully combining colour, symbolism and ornamentation. Each motif is a transport to a different time and place, and through the process unrelated and discordant shapes and designs are manipulated to find balance and harmony where at first there seems none. Her passions and strong feminine aesthetic can be seen in all of her endeavours. The improvisational nature of collage coupled with the very deliberate method of painting creates a balance of spontaneity and premeditation in her work. Inspired by her extensive travels, a unique personal history, and too many artistic influences to list, Andrea hopes to inspire others to live their creative lives and pursue their dreams of transformation.

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  • What you need:
    A few of your favourite ghostly images (old cabinet card style photos work well) Your class kit will include a full sheet of images so need to go overboard with this.
  • A couple of your favourite images printed out on acetate (transparency film) – I will also provide a couple of these images but if you want to use your own images bring them along.
  • A few found object-y things, we are working fairly small, so think about things like keyholes, gears, small brass findings, little wings, eyeballs, little dolly bits, buttons, lace, etc., you get the idea
  • Paintbrushes– bring just a few in different sizes and one better quality detail brush.
  • Palette & Water Container
  • Scissors
  • Your usual marking making tools (pencils, markers, etc.)

Instructor Supplies

Andrea will be providing the following supplies for a $25.00 material fee. The material fee will be collected on the first day of the workshop. Supplied materials include:

  • Latched Cigarette Case – size is roughly 3.7”X3.8” by 0.7” deep for image reference
  • Small piece of mica
  • Piece of matte board
  • Acetate with imagery
  • A small package of collage materials
  • Use of texture plates
  • Aves Epoxy Clay
  • Use of all Golden Paints and Mediums
  • Use of specialty adhesives