Playing with Polaroids

Polaroids can be much more than a quick snapshot, they can be altered to create magical, one a kind pieces of art. This class will work with two types of Polaroid alterations: transfers and emulsion lifts. In both processes, an image (you will use a 35mm slide or 4×6 print for this class) is projected onto Polaroid paper. A transfer involves substituting the photographic paper with watercolor paper, fabric, or other porous surfaces during the development process. Each time the image is transferred, the resulting image is slightly different, with shifts in colors and mood.

An emulsion lift is similar to a transfer, except that the photo is allowed to fully develop. Once developed, the image is melted off the photographic paper and lifted onto another paper or hard surface, such as glass, tile, or stone. The edges may be ripped or smudged for an imperfect effect. Once dried, the finished images can be framed or incorporated into such things as handmade books, cards, and scrapbooks.

This hands-on class is designed for both photographers and bookmakers alike. This alternative process does not require a darkroom and has many possibilities. Participants will be able to make several images to take home.