Personal Iconology

Throughout history, Icons have provided fascination and comfort to highly-varied cultural groups; from 12th Century jewel-encrusted examples from Russia, to exuberant spontaneous "pathway icons" from modern-day India. Whether viewed as objects of reverence, or as remarkable works of art, they inspire and invite creative curiosity. As mixed media artists, our specialty is to gather inspiration from traditional artforms and bring our own sense of adventure, creativity and exploration to the challenge of re-inventing and re-interpreting these ideas.

Our muse will be icons from many cultures, often created from precious metals or rare jewels, but instead we’ll use favorite studio materials, including paints, found objects,ephemera, wire, upholstery fabrics, old wallpaper, buttons, trimmings, twine, birch, a vintage photo mat, a postcard, plus found objects — literally anything — to create our Icons. Whether you want to weave a mood of quiet reverence, or splashy colorful exhuberance, there will be time to create your Icon, plus a full day to learn methods for creating a lavish layered surface. Plus, some brain ticklers! All of these methods will come in handy for your work in collage, art journals, assemblage, and other mixed media ventures. This workshop is for Seekers and Adventurers who want to shake up the molecules, blaze new territories and create in a joyful encouraging environment.