Parlor Tricks

Fabricate a wickedly cool gothic mansion from paper! This vertical format triptych book is the perfect place to clear the cobwebs and work some magic. For two full days we will have a riot employing creative trickery with paint, stencils, and dimensional deceptions resulting in one-of-a-kind architectural tomes. Come to my neighborhood and we’ll cast some spells together. Address: Mysteria Lane (ha!)

You will be the foreman on your building site, but I will provide the boo-prints for tools we will make in class to guide you along. Beginning with black pages we will revisit some basic grungy techniques with paint for eerie surface effects. Then we will build up facades with collage and clever structural details. The dark background offers a singular opportunity to stretch the comfort zone and witness how differently materials respond. The simple format of the spiral binding leaves us ample time to explore a few slight-of-hand magical treatments. In this workshop the foundation of your book will be completed but you will find yourself continuing to add charming and/or creepy details in the following days at home.

Think: bats in the belfry, skeletons in the closet, secret chamber doors, foggy views through the stained glass window, sinister shadows in the mirror, and creaky steps to the attic or cellar. Give it some thought. What would a vampire lair look like? Or a Poe-inspired haunted manor? A medieval dilapidated and abandoned castle? We are sure to discover that in Parlor Tricks. Enter at your own risk (insert spooky music here).

I will provide a kit that includes your paper, templates, binding, embellishments, and other undisclosed treats. The content you include will be your choice. Keep in mind that your pages will be less than 3 inches wide. Collect a few colors of inexpensive acrylic paint, and a few sheets colored or metallic card stock to use for layered embellishment. You’ll need mini-brads too – so plan a palette of supplies that work together. You don’t need a lot of stuff – I will have all kinds of toys for you to play with.