Paper, Metal and Stone

Explore a diverse collection of fresh materials and new techniques to use in visual journaling in this two-day program.

Day One
Learn simple techniques of tracing and transferring pictures for journaling and art of all kinds. Hands-on with examples of various approaches to assist you in developing your personal style. We will be looking at many pieces that Henry Darger completed using these same methods. An ability to draw is not necessary!

The afternoon of Day One, you’ll learn to roll (double) the edge and manipulate common aluminum (from drink cans) making it usable for charms, coverings and a number of different projects. Everyone will receive their own special tooling and templates to keep.

Day Two
Assemble shrines and jewelry (pin/necklace) from Coffee Break Design kits and practice various ways of distressing, transferring, decorating and embellishing. Consider different uses for keepsakes and leave with an appreciation of the Mexican holiday, Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead.