Non-Traditional Forms in Wire/Mixed Media

Experience this cutting edge workshop with a fusion of metals and layers of handmade transparent papers.

Create unusual, interesting and dimensional jewelry and journal structures created of all wire and metal. Manipulate and fabricate wire as you have never before. Utilize the powerful characteristic of negative space by constructing unique hollow shapes and forms. A variety of new cold join techniques presented, such as, swing hinges, intertwining and long splice knotting with wire. Stretch transparent paper, fiber and found or created objects into the negative space. Learn to create transparent text and paper and roll scroll-like forms using an array of fabricated metal and found objects. These may be meant to hold special prayers, goals or messages and bring them to fruition.

Techniques include creating transparence paper and scrolls by resins, burns and oil pastels. Tools introduced are disc and square punches, dapping block, concave dapper, metal ring mandrel and more. Connection techniques include attaching by drawing a bead, cold knots and cold join ring forms. Students will create closures, rings and pendant, pencil prayer boxes, journal and/or bracelet form, as time allows.