Nature Inspired

Explore ways of developing and painting a scene from Nature. This workshop combines methods for sketching images onto muslin canvas, working with and mixing acrylic paints to render natural subjects, capture the important details of delicate flora and fauna, along with examining multiple ways to distress large areas to make interesting backgrounds and creating a swatch book of sample techniques for reference.

Working with our canvas surface, we will intuitively render one drawing by combining different elements from many different images and photographs using a fast and easy technique that requires no previous drawing skills.  This sketch will serve as a guide that aids in bringing your scene to life. You will also learn how to extract subjects from their canvas support giving options for placing a painted element onto a completely different background and/or creating a 3D effect.

All workshop attendees will receive a free, autographed copy of Tracie Lyn’s new book!

This visit to Valley Ridge is particularly poignant and exciting for me. I will be celebrating the debut of my new book published by Rockport/Quarry. I am thrilled to come to rural Wisconsin to be among friends, as well as being completely enveloped by the beauty of nature and the serenity of this place. I have plenty of surprises planned for all attendees.