Natural Phenomena: Using Nature as the Path to Meaningful, Beautiful Work

Nature journaling has long been thought of as landscapes and sketches. We are going to create a phenomenal journal where we will use the natural world as a framework to build a book with personal and meaningful content! Instead of needing vast vistas or monumental mountains, we’ll work with the places we know our yards, our worlds, our special vaction spots, a favorite season,or even a favorite poem. No drawing skills needed!

Our books will be built around a personally significant location, one of the seasons, a favorite bit of writing- prose or poetry, a significant life event, or just the desire to create an artist sketchbook, and we will will use a variety of mixed media techniques to create an amazing book that is personal and gorgeous.

These techniques include nature printing on paper and metal mesh, gelatin monoprinting, block carving, ink jet transfers using water and gel medium, some background techniques, ways of incorporating photographs and transparencies, creating a small resin-filled shadowbox, and a single sheet binding technique for assembling your book.