Mica Album

Mica or bookstone is a silicate mineral found throughout the world. I have used mica and taught techniques and methods, that incorporates this material in creating windows and enclosed protective spaces through out my career. This workshop will push beyond using mica just as an element in book arts. We will build covers and collage pages that will be primarily mica. We will use and explore the Indian version in its vastly different grades, translucencies and commercially available shapes. However our main focus will be using composite mica used in the lampshade industry. These sheets of mica are much larger and come in several colors, depending on the variety of mica and the shellac that holds the sheet together. You will learn how to use and recognize both natural and composite forms of mica, when to pierce, to sew, to drill, to glue or to nail.

The emphasis of this workshop will still be to create a wonderfully crafted and detailed book form, you will learn structures that will utilize the rigid or stiff leaf feature, both sewn and hinged. You are encouraged to bring collage materials i.e.: photos, old book pages, insect wings, feathers, leaves, marbled papers, fibers, fur, lint you name it as long as it is pretty thin. Content is a factor in this workshop, I will give you time and support to create a theme to the book if you wish, but for you structure fans, I will not dwell on content.