Mad Alchemists Cabinet

Back in the olden days, (you know, back when you’d take the kids to a drive-in movie in an ox cart) alchemy was all the rage.  In a simplified nutshell, alchemists were scientist/mystics who had two main goals: to find the “elixir of life” (sort of the Fountain of Youth) and to transform every day metals into gold.  They remind me of the quintessential mad scientist, obsessed with the knowledge of the unknown, not matter the cost.  Now to be a proper mad scientist you need a few things:  

  1. Something to discover (lead to gold, fountain of youth, an explanation to the T.V. series “Lost”.
  2. Some scientific instruments…I prefer power tools and paint.
  3. A place to keep all your strange supplies like your jar of eye of newt (you can’t get this at Dick Blick). 

The idea of this class is to create a nice little cubbyhole to keep your peculiar supplies.  Now of course you don’t want your cabinet to be uninteresting; it should be something amazing and out of the ordinary to behold in itself.  So in this class we are going to take a printer’s tray (tray with several different sized nooks) and transform it into an unusual cupboard using a multitude of found objects and variety of assemblage techniques.  You have the option of working on adorning the structure alone, but you also can bring items to fill up the nooks and modify and embellish those as well.   Get out your lab coat or sorcerer’s cap…time for some weird science.