Life Drawing

If you think you can’t draw, but you want to be able to, take this class. Drawing is to making other art like piano lessons are to making other music. Drawing is the basic knowledge you need to be versatile enough to make whatever images you want in your work.

You’ll start where you left off, when you stopped drawing as a child. And you’ll grow from there. Practice makes perfect.

In this class, you’ll learn how to really look at what you’re drawing – how to analyze what you’re really seeing and move your drawing tool with your eye, looking a lot more at the image than at your paper.

Serious beginning drawing lessons don’t use color. Sorry! This is so that you’ll have to focus on the basic tools of drawing: Line, shape, texture, contrast, form, depth, etc, to achieve your needs.  Color is so yummy, it kind of satisfies, in spite of shortcomings in those areas.

Color can be next year!  🙂

These exercises will focus mostly on drawing from actual forms, primarily students taking turns posing (wearing your clothes, don’t worry!)  We’ll also use mirrors and photos of ourselves for self portrait making. Studies of shoes, hands, feet, and still lifes will also be done.

Learn to bust out of drawing from stereotypical ideas of what you think things look like, and start drawing what you really see.

My favorite ways to teach drawing are a combination of the methods of Betty Edwards, of "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain," which I found out is how I’ve always worked naturally; and the methods of Kimon Nicolaides, the Bauhaus master and author of "The Natural Way to Draw." Oh, and my own Lucky School of Drawing techniques. A lot to pack into three little days at Valley Ridge!  We’ll see what we can really do!