Learning Focusing to Make Inner: Finding Inner Peace, Level Two Focusing

Would you like to learn how to use Art Therapy and Focusing to:

  • Invigorate your creativity?
  • Be calm and compassionate with yourself?
  • Access more of your imagination and creative potential?

Having acquired the skills of Level One Focusing, you will be ready to deepen your understanding and ability to use of this process to work with creating inner peace for yourself and others. Focusing and creating art helps you learn how to be Present and listen to yourself in order to move ahead in your life in an empowered and safe way. It can help you feel more integrated and whole.  Focused Art making is a gentle and powerful way to develop a deep intrapersonal healing relationship with the self.
In this workshop you will work with:

  • Learning how to guide yourself to have peaceful inner dialogue
  • Finding forward movement and feeling empowered to create
  • Taking responsibility for your own healing
  • Focusing in on your emotional behaviour and language

Humans are creative beings. Sometimes the creative flow gets blocked and Focused Art making helps a person learn how to be Present and listen to themselves in order to move back into the creative flow. Focused Art making is a gentle and powerful way to work with your personal stories and to move away from feeling constrained or trapped by them.

Awareness of sensations in the body can be blocked through habits of dissociation and repression. This blocks the creative abilities and life force. Transformation of energy involves the acknowledgment and information of the inner movement of sensation. This energy and awareness is essential to reconnect what has been fragmented by life stress, injury or trauma. You will work with releasing emotional, physical, and intellectual beliefs and stories through Focused Art making.

Participants will receive Level Two Focusing qualification. To take this workshop participants need to have completed Level One Focusing.