Intuitive Mixed Media Collage: Visual Board Journal

Spend two days creating a delicate yet chunky visual journal using such humble materials as recycled cardboard and cotton cheesecloth. You’ll be guided through a series of hands-on exercises designed to quiet your inner critic, provide an atmosphere of safety for playful experimentation, and stimulate your innate creative nature while practicing techniques and creating images that can be incorporated into your journal.

Experiment with a variety of media to create a book rich in texture, color, and meaning. As you intuitively cut, paste, write, draw, color, rip, collage, scribble, sand, cover-up, and paint, you will fill the pages of your book with images steeped in personal symbolism. Try a variety of mixed media and collage techniques which may include building multi-layered collage/paintings, drawing and painting with your non-dominant hand, raw visual journaling, transfers, stencils, rubbings and collaged faces. If you like to sew and find it easy to bring your sewing machine, fabric scraps, and threads along with you, you can turn this book into a mixed media fabric and paper book. This is not a necessary component of the project, but an additional and interesting option if you wish to choose it.