Improvisational Bead Embroidery

Improvisational bead embroidery is relaxing, meditative, healing, and fun. It is working from the heart rather than the head, which builds self-confidence and frees our creative powers (the joyful, bold, and playful spirit we all have) from restraints and criticisms which can hinder our artistic development. The idea is to work without a pattern, sometimes without a plan for the outcome, allowing intuition and the child within to be the guides. If you haven’t worked this way before, you’ll be pleased at how easy and exciting it is.

This program will teach every basic bead embroidery technique there is, plus many variations on the basic stitches, fringe techniques, and edging methods! Make a sampler of all the stitches, which along with the handouts will help you to remember them later.

Begin beading on a piece of original work, which you can make into a small pouch, appliqué on a large bag, frame, or whatever you wish. Finishing techniques, including bag construction and framing, will be discussed. When we look at fashion history and multi-ethnic use of beads to embellish fabrics or leather, we notice many different styles, but whatever the look of the work, the methods for attaching the beads are limited and much the same the world over. Students will learn and practice all of the basic techniques, getting a good start on a small beaded piece by the end of the workshop.