Hunter Gatherer Maker – The Art of Found Object Assemblage

When Jane is not in the studio, she is out scouring thrift shops, flea markets, and vintage fairs, hunting and gathering interesting objects to turn into art.  For instance, taking apart an old, broken camera yields a hidden world of amazing parts that then can be repurposed into something completely unexpected. A child’s doll, now broken and forgotten, comes to life in a fantastic new way.

In this workshop, you will explore the fascinating world of assemblage art using found objects and create a stunning sculptural piece that creates an amazing dynamic personal narrative. Begin with the difficult part of planning and problem solving your design. Next, learn to construct an environment out of wood using power tools. Discover how to create an intriguing setting to celebrate your objects. Join elements together with a variety of connecting skills from soldering to wire wrapping, hammering, nailing and of course using a variety of different adhesives. Finally, finish your piece using an assortment of interesting aging effects.

Throughout this workshop Jane will address tool usage, successful building techniques, structural problem solving, and most importantly, how to make a piece of art look good using the elements of art (i.e. repetition, balance, space, movement, etc)