Guns and Torches: A Weekend of Waxy Wonder

Join Mary Beth Shaw and Julie Snidle for a weekend of wax on wax off as they push the limit of mixed media wax techniques.  Here’s a sampling of the techniques you will learn:

  • Batik Paper – there are even more (and more and more) ideas. 
  • Traditional Encaustic techniques such as using encaustic paint,  pure pigments and oil sticks.  Intarsia, carving, smooth and textured wax. Taping and use of the hot pen. 
  • Mixed media techniques such as wood burning, collage , Wood Icing and Tar.  Flocking,  fluid acrylics, Pan Pastel, Shellac and alcohol ink. Clay, Rigid Wrap, glass beads. Saral paper (learn to make your own!), Tranfers, Stencils, Rubber Stamps, and Wood Glue burns.

Join us Friday night for our ever popular cocktail party including small bites that add up to big flavor. We ask each attendee to bring a dish to share so we can experience new taste treats. Not a cook? No worries, just figure out something easy (fruit, cheese, chocolate anyone?). And you can count on plenty of adult beverages.

On Saturday night, we will head out on the town for Bowling and Pizza (optional, each person pays their own way). It should be fun unless Mary Beth accidentally throws a ball into the wrong lane again …… ahem …..

Note:  This workshop is best suited for students who have some experience with encaustic painting.  If you have not, please email Mary Beth at

About the Instructors
Mary Beth Shaw

Mary Beth Shaw works in Mixed Media because she loves to play with art supplies; she jokes that Mixed Media is for artists who can’t make up their mind. Her process utilizes pastel, ink, marker and acrylics layered with various collage and texture materials; she welcomes so-called “mistakes” because they lead to wonderful opportunities and discoveries. She is author of Flavor for Mixed Media, published by North Light and is at work on her second book. She is also a Columnist for Somerset Studios.

Living in Wildwood, MO with her husband and three cats, Mary Beth is passionate about every moment of life.

Julie Snidle

Once a corporate training administrator, Julie works as a mixed-media artist specializing in encaustic work. With a degree in Elementary Education she has taught art professionally in the classroom, juried artwork for art fairs and also taught workshops in the greater St. Louis area. Largely self taught in a variety of mixed media techniques, Julie has studied encaustics intensively for nearly 10 years, including specialized training with R+F Paints. Her art appears in “Printmaking and Mixed Media” by Dorit Elisha and “Flavor for Mixed Media” by Mary Beth Shaw.

Julie exhibits at the 4th Wall Gallery in Ste. Genevieve, MO and is also active in local charities. A native of Minneapolis, Julie resides in Festus, MO, with her husband, Will.