Get Your Art On Buffet

A three-day workshop buffet of experimental printmaking and mixed-media art gluttony. Fuel your hungry soul with an art diet full in protein to keep you energized long after you leave. Each day is intertwined with the next, building on and taking from each other to make a weekend full of tasty treats! You’ll go home with a hand-made and hand-bound mixed-media artist’s book, original printed collage material, a funky-sugary-sweet self-portrait, and handmade printing blocks and printing rollers to continue printing when you return home. You will look at the oddities from dollar stores, thrift stores and garage sales in a whole new light, and you will never be able to pass one up.

Day One: Printmaking MacGyver Style – Introduction to the world of experimental printmaking using ordinary and not so ordinary tools. You will learn to use various monoprinting methods, including building your own printing blocks and printing rollers to create multiple layered pages through repetition and patterning. These printed pages can be used as collage materials for your self-portrait and as the pages in your artist’s book. The papers that you print on can be anything such as pages removed from other books, watercolor paper, printmaking paper, brown paper sacks, tabs, hinges, and envelopes. The mix of papers will add to the visual and tactile pleasure.

See how just about anything can be turned into an interesting stamp, printing block, printing roller or tool (Traci is one of MacGyver’s love children). In this class, Ill teach you how to see the overlooked, everyday objects in a new way, and how to MacGyver them into easy to use printing blocks, printing rollers and tools to enhance your artwork. These tools are great for printing backgrounds on journal pages or for other mixed-media artwork. The various methods will cover techniques such as very simple stamp carving, building your own printing blocks and stamps, modifying existing rollers, creating printing rollers, and altering them–all of this done using inexpensive, ordinary and not-so-ordinary materials. This class will expand your stamping and printing arsenal! You will leave class not only with your own stamps and printing tools, but also with the knowledge of how to MacGyver your own. So strap on your tool belt, get your stick of dynamite and empty toothpaste tube, and let’s go!

Day Two: Repurposed Bookmaking – Create new from old, recycling, reusing, and awakening what seems to be defunct. Think of the possibilities and the joy reformating old, worn books from library sales and thrift stores. In this course, we will bring new life to forgotten and discarded books, reviving them to be the foundation for your visual or written pleasures. Using the covers of a book, See how to breathe new life into it, discarding the old pages to make room for the ones created in Day One. You will collage, paint, print and adorn the prepared cover for the revival. Learn how to decoratively sew in signatures made up of the mlange of different sizes and types of papers you printed the day before to add visual and tactile interior interest. You will go home with a beautiful new book made from the old that is a work of art in itself, the groundwork for an artist book or visual journal, or a valuable reference book for future printmaking projects. And youll have the knowledge to continue reviving discarded books.

Day Three: Uber Self-Portraits – Even if you have no painting or drawing skills, in this process and project-oriented class, you can create a mixed-media self-portrait that is larger than life and out of this world in coolness. Not only you discover how to make this 16x 20 work of art, Ill also show you the beauty in looking big and working big. Paint, draw, collage and stamp on top of blown-up photo copies to create a piece of art that blurs the line between a photograph and a painting. Some of the alternative prints made on Day One can be used as collage material. The process is started in pieces and then joined together to be finished as a whole. It can be mounted in class on a stretched canvas or canvas board so its ready for framing. Or, you can mount or frame it when you get home. This project is also great for experimenting with different coloring materials or mark making techniques.

Note: you don’t have to use a self-portrait, but…