Forming Lasting and Meaningful Attachments

The scene: you have a glass marble, a vintage photo of a race car, a piece of fired metal clay formed from a silicone mold you made of a Monopoly piece, a broken bicycle tail light and a carnelian cabochon. All these need to be combined with sterling silver to form a bracelet and of course, be as durable as possible. You could just hang them from a chain however, you also want to ensure that the materials and the manner in which they are combined forward the idea you want to express in the piece.

In this very useful and extensive workshop participants will explore ways of attaching almost anything to almost anything else and enhance the message in your work in the process.

We will delve into a broad spectrum of materials including epoxies, concrete, polymer clays, Faux Bone™ and paper pulp mache as well as a full range of cold connections to use in tandem with these materials. Though the materials may seem familiar, we will use them in very different ways to build a matrix of material, process, and procedure, allowing a much greater freedom of expression.

All the techniques, materials, and processes can be used in conjunction with various types of metal clay, artist’s books, journaling, polymer clay, non-traditional and traditional metalworking. This is a very practical workshop with applications to book artists, sculptors, and jewelers alike.