Fiber Play Days: Create Your Own Wearable Art!

On these Fiber Play Days, we’ll explore the endlessly inventive world of creating wearable art.   Whether you transform an old sweater by reshaping it with a few snips of the scissors; or you rework a coat with original applique designs;  or you use bleach to create new patterns on t-shirts; or embellish with anything from old laces, ripped silks, freeform crochet or fabric paints … you will surprise yourself with the countless fiber art techniques you can incorporate into the creation of one-of-a-kind wearable art !  Besides expressing your own creativity and personality in a piece (or pieces) of wearable art; you’ll also do the planet a favor with your  "Upcycling" effort. 

From needle-felting, to crochet, couching, applique, simple stitching, embroidery and embellishment with an eclectic mix of interesting beads, buttons and more … we’ll have fun learning, practicing, and creating some wildly unique wearable clothing. And of course we can simply cut interesting elements from one garment to stitch onto another garment — which opens up even more options for creating your own wearable art!

Using recycled felted wool sweaters, cotton sweaters, old coats, t-shirts, jackets or blazers, you will leave with a pocketful of new skills and a head full of ideas!  This workshop is designed to be great fun and it will help those with any fear of tackling fibers to realize that mistakes often turn into masterpieces.