Faux Bone and Metal Clay Cuff

In this fast paced workshop you will make a Faux Bone cuff and adorn it with a fired piece of metal clay. Additional designs on the cuff can be added by electric engraving, carving, drilling, epoxy inlay and more. Color can be added with the use of paint, stains and alcohol inks. All sorts of additional pieces of metal, metal clay, found objects, and ephemera can be attached. We will also cover a whole host of cold connections that will be applicable to most any work you would like to do.

We will begin by making a polymer clay texture plate to add the surface texture and design to our metal clay. From there we will make a metal clay piece from the texture plate and fire it while we begin making the Faux Bone cuff. Once the cuff is cut out and finished, we will heat the Faux Bone to form it easily into a cuff form.

After the metal clay is fired we will patina it and attach it to the Faux Bone cuff.

Participants may expect to finish at least one cuff and probably more.