Ethiopian Binding: Leather-Covered Wooden Boards with Leather Carrying Case

Following a tradition that continues today we will begin this weekend by preparing wood covers for this sewn board structure by carving, filing and sanding. Leather thongs will be woven into braid-like endbands and sewn to the book after covering. Tooling will ornament the wide turn-ins, spine and covers. This flat spine, unsupported binding will only become more beautiful with use. Each participant will come away with one complete, ornamented leather-covered binding. We will then create a leather carrying case for your exquisite book.

All levels of experience are welcome. For the beginner, all techniques are approachable and a great opportunity to explore the uses of wood and leather in binding. For the more experienced binder, the simple approach to working with the materials and the freedom of tooling may be an ideal environment for relaxing into the work.