Dwell: The Coffee Table Book

Build a coffee table visual journal that measures up to 16" x 21". The journal covers are painted mixed media board with a doorway cutout, which tips out to expose a personal mantra. Inside the journal houses, hand painted and stained pages flip and fold in "non-traditional" ways.

DAY 1Monotypes, drizzles & doodles: Through a series of creative jumpstarts you will be guided to create calligraphic backgrounds, lush painted papers, and black/white pages that spill throughout this large
format book.

DAY 2 Collage and painting: Paint and create wonderful layered abstractions of florals integrated with photos to document a recent travel journey and graphic typography collage to display a collection of personal memories. Paint jean/canvas accents for journal

DAY 3 – Bookbinding: The final day, we will build the journal structure using the painted covers and paintings created in the first two days.