Diary Paintings for Quilted Art Books

Make soft, hand drawn, painted, written, and machine sewn art books of personal thoughts and images, based on the concept of a diary, so your theme will naturally evolve.  In an open and sharing environment, discuss your work each day in show-and-tell format.

You will make roughly 10  8"x10" paintings on fabric and select at least four of those paintings to machine "crazy grid" quilt, using this simple process to turn your paintings into an art book in a shape and size of your choosing.

The emphasis is on letting your intuitive creative energy flow out fresh, right onto the fabric, without judging it as right or wrong. We’ll use sketchbooks to develop ideas, but not erasers or tracing paper. Sketches will be set aside when it’s time to draw on the work, so that fresh images are made. Learn how to use an airpen to make an incredibly beautiful and rich line for drawing and writing, unmatched by any markers made.