Daily Observations: ArtFolio

Replace your blank journal with this multi layered ArtFolio designed to jumpstart your creative process. You will learn variations of fusing different mediums with varied design elements creating a smooth and unified, print-like page that will easily incorporate into various artwork. Construct a book base, then use the unique fused surfaces created in class for your book covers and signatures. Finish your book by filling the signatures with copies of paintings and sketches along with images and inspiration that you bring to class. Other book components include metal hinges, pockets, and clay binding beads.

Choose a scaled down version (2 signatures and a 2-1/2″ spine), or a larger version (3-4 signatures and a 4″ spine). Learn the fusing process and create the book signatures the first day, and learn new image altering techniques the second day along with book construction and embellishment. No sewing machine required, but you may bring one if you wish to add decorative machine stitching to your fused surfaces and/or book pages. View more photos of book samples instructor’s web site.