Creative Soul: a Portfolio of YOU

What brings you happiness?  A smile to your face? What feeds your soul? What images do you relate to? Words that describe YOU.colors that call to YOU.who are YOU? These are questions you will answer as you paint, collage and build a visual journal that expresses your creative soul.

DAY 1: Making Marks & Collage Canvas:  Spend the day exploring a myriad of painting and mark making techniques. We will begin by working on a couple of large canvas 24"x36" surfaces of paper and fabric. You will be lead through a series of jumpstarts to make creative backgrounds, spilling words, writing thoughts . splashing .. dripping paint, scribbling color and making marks. In the afternoon, build textured canvases with paint and layers of mixed media collage.

DAY 2: the self portrait journey An exploration of YOU!: Start the morning with a photo journey through the grounds of Valley Ridge to capture unique images as inspiration to create a self-portrait collage. The self portrait can be interpreted in many ways…YOU will be creating a collage painting that incorporates an abstract drawing of you, a collage of your favorite things or a representation of combination of both. You will be lead through creative exercises to create layers of paper, fabric and images that represent your creative spirit.

DAY 3: PORTFOLIO: construction: The portfolio will be constructed from all the artwork pieces you have created from the first two days. The portfolio panels are stitched or taped together to make a long banner, a mini journal is hand stitched in the center of the portfolio with pages that flips and folds in a random fashion. The finished book opens up to reveal your creative soul through paintings, images and words.