Consulting the Oracle: A Visual Journalist

In this weekend initiatory journey, you will create a unique deck of book-sized cards, rich with personal symbols, using radical mixed media techniques developed by Juliana Coles. Mixed media is the bridge that will allow you to activate your inner Innocent, Orphan, Wanderer, Warrior, Martyr and Magician internal spirits, energies or archetypes to either help you on your journey, or hinder the pilgrim’s progress. You will find that YOU are the Oracle that you seek.

We will also alter a found book as our Companion Guidebook. This Guidebook, broken into designated “chapters” for each card, will also house your deck of cards! This is a unique aspect of the workshop: our tools for expression and our cards for intention and focus are all in the same safe place. Then using Visual Journaling techniques that combine freeform journal writing exercises with image making assignments, learn to access the images and voices contained in your cards for further dialogue and expression in your Companion Guidebook or Visual Journal. You will begin this journey with an old library book, textbook, or any other existing book form that can be altered to become our Visual Journal of Archetypal Chapters.

The first day will be spent creating the foundation of our books by making more space to protect the spine, setting up our chapters using all different kinds of techniques for “tabs” (and things that sneak out the sides!), creating the house for our deck of cards, and preparing our books for the exciting work we are about to embark on. This is a process and expression-oriented class.