Captured! Bezel Setting for Found Object Jewelry

Once, I worked a little number two pencil down to a nub. I had drawn many simple drawings and delightful sketches with my little yellow stick. When it finally became too small to fit in my hand, I just didnt have the heart to
throw it away. I decided to set my lucky pencil into a bezel setting and wear it as a lavish jewel.

Do you have a small prized possession like my pencil and don’t know what to do with it?

Learn how to bezel set a small found object like a pencil, a small toy, or a simple stone into a simple setting. Of course, this is not limited to just jewelry, you can embellish an altered book cover with an interesting found object, or adorn a shrine with a devotion.

You’ll learn how to make your own bezels using a jeweler’s torch and solder. Fight design disasters with simple planning techniques. Finish your setting with polishing and patina effects. This valued technique will help expand the possibilities of many future works of art you make.