Behind Closed Doors

There is something inherently intriguing about lockets that solicit close examination. Perhaps it is the mechanical aspect of the hinge or catch that invites us to manipulate the components. Or it may be the mystery of what is hidden inside. The wearer of a locket always has the option of keeping out observers or allowing them to share in the secret behind the closed doors.

While lockets are usually made as pendants, in this 2-day workshop we will construct a locket that will be worn as a cuff. You’ll learn a special technique for creating hinges that will eliminate any fears you may have about making them. Some of the other topics that we will cover include image transfer methods, metal etching, riveting, using microbolts, bezel making, stone setting and design considerations. We will also take a short course in toolmaking where you will learn to make your own custom burnishing tool and riveting/texturing hammers.

About the Instructor

Richard Salley began working with metal in 1969 as an assistant to Carmel, California metal sculptor Malcom Moran. His metal working experience turned to ‘found object jewelry’ after taking a workshop with Keith LoBue in 2002.

Richard has recently retired from teaching in public schools to devote more time to his art and teaching workshops around the country. His interests include digital art, mixed media collage/assemblage, sculpture and jewelry.

Richard’s work has been featured in ‘Belle Armoire Jewelry’, ‘Art Jewelry’ and ‘Jewelry Artist’ magazines, Susan Lenart-Kazmer’s book ‘Making Connections’, ‘Steel Wire Jewelry’ by Brenda Schweder, ‘Steampunk Style Jewelry’ by Jean Campbell and ‘Metal Style’ by Karen Dougherty.

Richard and his wife, Jane, live in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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