All Wrapped Up – Bracelets & Chokers II

Spend three full days designing richly detailed jewelry wraps that are perfect for layering assorted treasured findings, beads, and ribbons around either your neck or wrist; if made long enough, these pieces will look wonderful wrapped around the waist as well.  

I’ll be teaching a very wide variety of jewelry techniques for this brand new workshop:   wire wrapping (hooks/clasps, charm connections, link fabrication, attachment of leather/ribbon to metal clasps, bead tip formation for dangling pearls from chain), letter stamping into metal, drilling, patina aging for brass, copper and silver, embroidery stitching for leather, my “cocoon wrap” bead using lace or ribbon with wire, incorporation of vintage laces and ribbons into jewelry design, bead wire crimping, and pearl/gemstone bead knotting onto silk cord.  

The rest of the time we will have relaxed sessions sharing layering ideas as we hammer, stitch, dangle, attach, thread, and knot to our hearts’ content.   I’ll share with you how my quirky brain works when forming a story with bits and pieces of jewelry findings, and discuss how a few words and images can create a narrative piece of wearable art.  i can’t think of a better environment for this special time than the beloved studio of valley ridge, surrounded by soft and beautiful  rolling farmland and the songs of swallows nesting in the eaves of the porch.  Prepare to head home with a full heart and a mind overflowing with inspiration from creating amongst like-minded kindred spirits.

Instructor’s Note: If making as a gift, try to discreetly measure width of wrist before leaving home….finished length of thrice-wrapped bracelet is 22”, give or take a bit of length (based on my own wrist); I love to keep going with five or six layered wraps around the wrist.

About the Instructor

Nina has been a professional jewelry designer since 1987, a mixed media artist for as long as she can remember (thinking here of a little clay mushroom “ensemble” that was created in perhaps the third grade, for starters), and has been teaching mixed media/jewelry workshops, both in the United States and worldwide, since 2000.  Her artwork is featured in many books and magazines, and has been sold in multiple boutiques and museum shops across the world.  Ever changing jewelry designs can be found in her etsy shopNina’s blog of six years provides a wonderful outlet for writing and sharing with readers all the intricate beauties of the natural world that surrounds her in the mountains of western north Carolina.