Artful Alchemy: Finding the Gold Within

In this program, we will use archetypes as frameworks of how to claim, express and move energy. Follow and express your passion [fire]; access and speak your truth, experience clarity and peace of mind [air]; become enriched by your feelings, increase intimacy and deepen relationships [water]; and come home to your body, feeling nurtured and connected to yourself [earth].

Artists’ Books

Artists’ books have the potential to combine images and writing with sculpture in unique and exciting ways. Created as art objects, they differ from journals and scrapbooks while remaining a form of personal expression.

Attachment and Devotion

Learn the art of attachment, the solution to creatively join objects to one another. In this program, you will construct a devotional/shine from raw wood and learn myriad techniques to ensure secure and flawless attachments.

Back On The Chain Gang

Whether you’re making jewelry, assemblage or a journal, often the need arises to add a chain or clasp for that finishing touch.

Back to Back Wooden Book: Ethiopian Style Bindings

Participants will learn both the Ethiopian and Greek bindings, as well have as ample time to perfect the Coptic endband in this playful Middle Age book structure comprised of two volumes yet only three covers.

Backstage Pass

Pull back the curtain on your art to see what happens backstage in your visual journal. Create an assemblage while working simultaneously in your journal with sketches, notes, dashes of paint, and remnants from your piece.

Beads, Books & Paint!

A luscious hand-crafted book can take you places, keep-sake your personal stories, and display your special photographs. Make a beautiful hand-bound book with painted covers, bead embroidery inset into the front cover, and painted signature covers. Learn bead embroidery stitches, techniques for painting, glazing, stenciling and stamping decorative papers and a beautiful, yet easy and professional, book binding method.

Beguiling Book House

This workshop is about the transformation of one book into a house full of books. Starting with a vintage volume of children’s stories, the cover will become the roof of the Book House, and the pages books of stories that fill the rooms. We will match the stories we find to structures that best present them (a hopping structure might be about a frog) with instructions for many, many shapes and sizes of small books. Book making, box making, painting, collage, storytelling and some illustration techniques will be covered in this nostalgic journey.

Behind Closed Doors

In this 2-day workshop we will construct a locket that will be worn as a cuff

Beyond Precious Little

Were you bitten by the Found Object bug? This exciting Master Class is designed specifically for students who took Keith’s Precious Little class in the past, have utilized the techniques learned there, and want to take it to the next level. Beyond Precious Little will hone technical skills, while encouraging you to go beyond your comfort zone and really step your work up a notch or two!


Think BIG! This NEW three day workshop will introduce participants to sculptural perspective on linkages for jewelry.  A variety of materials and techniques will be explored in the creation of BIG Link bracelets, neckpieces and belts. We’ll employ the fabrication techniques of die forming, forging, chasing, hot connections (soldering) and cold connections.

Bloom True: A Brave Intuitive Painting Adventure

Bloom True is an inspiring and encouraging workshop for both novice and experienced painters that teaches a spontaneous, bold, and fearless approach to painting as a process of discovery. Learn how to create colorful, unique, expressive paintings through a variety of techniques that combine basic, practical painting principles with innovative personal self-expression and personal growth.

Bookstone Journals

This workshop will explore a mica product intended for lampshades. Composite mica is made with finely flaked mica sprayed with shellac to form large sheets of various colors and thicknesses. The strong translucent material is an ideal collage material and is a wonderful book cover alternative. Create two different book structures, each taking advantage of the unique quality of this form of mica.

Botanica Exotica

Spend a day making wild and exotic sculptural flowers out of iron wire and sausage casings. The casings make luminous, transparent, taunt coverings over the wire that can be painted, inked, stitched, and written on.

Captured! Bezel Setting for Found Object Jewelry

Learn how to bezel set a small found object like a pencil, a small toy, or a simple stone into a simple setting. Of course, this is not limited to just jewelry, you can embellish an altered book cover with an interesting found object, or adorn a shrine with a devotion.

Clasps, Hinges & Closures

Learn basic and diverse ways to create metal closures for a myriad of projects. We will begin by making a wooden board coptic bound book that will receive your closures. Based on historic examples we will then build hinges, pegs and clasps fashioned from brass and attached with hand formed rivets and woven leather thongs. Hammer, saw, stamp and shape simple sheet into a working wonder!

Collage Unleashed: Butterfly Flower Graffiti Journal

Bring out your playful artist and child-like spirit in this mixed media weekend featuring inspirational art exercises and idea jumpstarts. Explore a variety of unusual techniques, culminating in the creation of a mixed media journal with unconventional layers of textured "fusion-dyed" painted papers, digital prints and fabrics covered with your own personal graffiti marks.

Consulting the Oracle: A Visual Journalist

Learn to become your own guide into unknown territory and develop intuition, intention, self dialogue, and uninhibited self expression. In this program, you will create a deck of cards with unique personal symbols and translate that information into a precious journal.

Copy Machine Etching and Rivet-Making for Jewelry

Master two new jewelry, assemblage and collage techniques in this two-day program. First, learn a quick and easy way to etch designs into brass or copper using a copy machine and simple tools. Next, learn to make rivets, one of the most versatile and strong connection methods.