Warming Up To Cold Connections II

Whether you are an experience art jeweler or looking for your first class in jewelry making, you’ll learn a wealth of tips, tricks and techniques that you can apply to your own jewelry and assemblage projects. The class will focus on creating a beautiful and intricate hinged locket that you will construct from a humble rusty washer, etched metal components, wire and your own hand crafted chain and clasp.

Wax On Wax Off

Join Mary Beth Shaw and Julie Snidle for a weekend of waxy wonder as we explore a variety of mixed media wax techniques.  No body hair involved. Day 1 starts with the return of the ever popular Batik Paper and Mary Beth will share all the new methods she has developed. Papers that are so …

Weathering & Distressing Techniques

Got a brand-new piece of metal that you’d love to make look old and worn? How about some wood? Or glass? Using a few tools, some simple solutions and a sprinkling of know-how, we’ll get that distressed look that will turn your new material into an artifact quicker than you can say Antiques Roadshow!

Weird Wonderful Windows

Create weird and wonderful windows by transforming simple wooden boxes into mixed media lightboxes/electrical assemblage. Your windows will be constructed with multiple layers of glass, photo transparencies, paint and bits of assemblage.

Where The Story Begins I

This class will focus on mixed media painting; adding layers of paint, collage, inks, image transfers, ephemera, drawingand painting the face, and other techniques. Spend two days playing, exploring, and creating a story to show and tell.

Where the Story Begins II

This class will focus on mixed media painting; adding layers of paint, collage, inks, image transfers, ephemera, drawing and painting the face, and other techniques. Spend two days playing, exploring, and creating a story to show and tell.

Who’s Your DADA: a Series of Alternative Art Doll Workshops

Most of us have played with dolls in our childhood. This program captures the essence of moxie and spirit in the dolls you play-acted and interacted with using a variety of materials and techniques including tin cans, wood, paper, box constructions, gourds and fabric.

Wizard of Odds Parade Banners

Optional Add-On Workshop January 18, 2016 Perhaps you’re a Winged Monkey, a Munchkin or a Winkie. Maybe you represent the Lollypop Guild or the Lullaby League. Whatever your Oz affiliation you just might need a banner to announce your comings and goings as you parade down the Yellow Brick Road through the French Quarter. In …

Wooden Altered Book Cover

New for 2012, this workshop is the optional Part One of the Hand Bound Altered Book program, and guides you through the process of creating a wooden cover for your Hand Bound Altered Book.  Part Two, Hand Bound Altered Book  explores the pleasures of creating and filling a hand bound book, and is held on …

Wooden Book with Centipede Binding

The Greek binding is an ornate historical binding dating from the 7th century.   This stitch has many similarities to the Ethiopian Style binding, but has a strikingly different effect.  We will maximize this difference by sewing with 2 different colors of thread. The elegant sewing structure, combined with wooden covers, opens a wide range of possibilities for both the beginner and the advanced bookbinder.  Using simple hand tools, you will drill, shape, and smooth your book covers. 

Wooden Coptic Books

Developed as early as the fourth century, this Ethiopian binding style has withstood the test of time. The combination of historic sewing style, wooden boards and type of board attachments are what distinguish this Ethiopian style Coptic binding. Gain a better understanding of the basics of woodworking, using simple hand tools to drill, shape and smooth your book covers.

Working with Wire

In this special workshop, you will learn to harness the possibilities of wire. From structural forms to chains, clasps and rivets, this valuable set of skills will enhance whatever you create, be it assemblage, jewelry or fixing something around the house!

Zen is When

For centuries, Asian cultures have lead the way with their love of paper, painted surfaces, found objects and wearable art. In this three-day workshop, we will take a "zen" approach and work both sides of the brain… learning how to plumb the depths of our creativity with free-wheeling exercises, plus have plenty of time to create works of art. We will explore endless ideas for creating a rich, lavish, layered surface and create a one-of-a-kind Asian-themed artist book with a painted and collaged hand fan as an embellishment.