“Long Tall Sally” Book

Have some fun with the “Long Tall Sally” book. You’ll come away with a really interesting piece of art that you can keep on your shelf ( as long as it is a big one ) for years to come.

3-Ring Circus

The “Circus” is coming to Valley Ridge! Richard Salley and Jessica Papke team up to bring you an intensive 3-day workshop that focuses entirely on the process of ring making. In this series of workshops we will be presenting how to make 3 rings, 3 different ways in 3 days. Whether this will be your first foray into ring making or you want to expand your ring making knowledge, you will leave the workshop with newly acquired skills that will launch you into a new level of jewelry making.

A Personal Treasure Box

Would you love to have a special little box that you can hold in your hand? Create a one-of-a-kind box, complete with see-through mica and tiny images, using a myriad of materials for decoration.

A Tote With A View

Create a one-of-a-kind, whimsical handbag with a view! Make your class project horizontal or vertical, in just about any size you would like in this one-day program.

A Woman’s Book of Shadows: A Grimoire for Soul Keeping, Secret Telling, and Self-Enchantment

Each day of this master class retreat deepens and enriches the mystery within as you begin your Book of Shadows through gentle guidance of and creative visual journaling techniques for insight, healing, and self bewitching. Words and thoughts, combined with unique imagery and intention, will create good spells, charms, cures; this is ancient medicine and will reveal a powerful force. Your grimoire, a personal instructional manual, handed down through the ages, woman to woman, is a record of your spiritual growth, and will unveil to you all you desire. You have chosen a unique and difficult path; the way of the wise woman, full of ancient ritual, secrets, and blessings. Welcome to this sisterhood. You are the wisdom that you seek. Call upon the spirits and powerful energies that surround you. This is more than a workshop, it is an event. Step out of the shadows. Come forward. Reveal your true self. It begins now for you in choosing your book, creating your altar, and gathering your supplies.

a. We Each Have Our Charms; b. Knot Now, Nina

This extensive, technique-filled workshop takes an elemental approach to creating the more formal, elegant and finished look of fine silver using precious metal clay applicable to everything from jewelry to book art and beyond.

a. We Each Have Our Charms; b. Knot Now, Nina

This extensive, technique-filled workshop takes an elemental approach to creating the more formal, elegant and finished look of fine silver using precious metal clay applicable to everything from jewelry to book art and beyond.

Acrylic Manipulations, Experiments With Watermedia

Explore mixed media and acrylic–from surface, texture, pattern, to gold leaf and composition. This class will examine hand-stamped paper, stencils, glazes, dry brushing, squeeze bottles, shapes, advanced acrylic techniques and the pouring of paint.

Acrylic Painting ~ Deluxe Decorative Papers!

Make an assortment of unique decorative papers to use in book arts, card and box making, scrapbooking or other collage work, paper dolls, gift wrapping, etc. Learn techniques of painting, stenciling, texturing, layering, glazing, and use of metallic paints. Experiment with liquid acrylic paints and inks. Cut your own rubber stamps; make your own texturing tools and stencils.

Alchemy & Relics

Learn how to get the classic look of silver without paying the current price.

All on Board for Mixed Media

Experiment and play with all the boards and panels that are on the market today.  From the incredibly versatile Claybord to Gesso Board to Pastel Board to MDF to Wood panels, we will check out all the rigid substrates.  We will work on a number of pieces at one time, trying the same technique across the board (tee, hee) to see how they react and how unique effects can be achieved.  We will work with stencils and texture mediums, crackle paste that really cracks, gold leaf and 3D semi-sculptural elements. See how your end products can easily be bound into books or mounted on floating cradles.

Altered Books

Altered book artists like to say there are no rules. To that add, “just a chance to play and have fun!” Learn how to use collage and embellishments to turn old books into interactive works of art.

Altered Books from Beginning to End, Background Techniques To The Cover

Play with a lot of different ways to make backgrounds for books or cards: scraping, bleaching, masking, stamping and more, using simple materials such as sponges, old credit cards, shaving cream and more. Be prepared for fun and lots of surprises! Then, take an old, unloved, book and turn it into an interactive work of art. You will learn to make pockets, pop-ups, windows, niches and drawers that will entice the viewer to keep turning pages.

Altered Fabric Collage and Book

Create a fun fabric book with sketches, collage elements, finger painting and washes of color. Covers are thick and sturdy, yet flexible, and can be changed to any size you desire, or, can even be used as framable art.

Altered Words and Imagery

Creative magic awaits in this three day program combining altered photographs, portrait imagery and the creation of a “Wish Book” holding the power of your words.

Alternative Photo Workshop I

Learn new techniques; add photographic images to your work without the use of a darkroom. You can make a cyanotype anywhere if you have sun and water.  In this workshop, you will explore Cyanotype and Acrylic Lifts and Transfers. These are great processes for anyone who has wanted to use photography in their book making, painting, sculpture, or even quilting.

Anthropomorphic Dolls

Learn to make animal heads using soft sculpture techniques and other techniques developed by Akira. These heads are attached to human doll bodies to create innovative anthropomorphic figures.