Lucid Dreamscapes Workshop

Program Date: February 4, 2024 – Feb. 10, 2024

Lucid dreams, the stories that lay just beneath our waking world, filled with surreal images, layered, mystical, mysterious, and just beyond our reach.

Our class begins with a humble box and frame, transformed through immersive mixed media techniques involving paint, collage, clay, found objects and more.

The secret to the dream effect is in the multiple layers, but not just any layers: layers of semi-transparent and transparent materials where each level creates a thin veil that allows only subtle glimpses of the layers beneath. You’ll learn how to create a floating rust effect and mimic the appearance of both antique cylinder glass and stained-glass windows. We’ll be adding reflections and light in the inner sanctum of our artwork that creates the illusion of an ever-changing story. Every time you look, you are drawn in as more of the story reveals itself to you.

Through our explorations of Savannah from the haunting shadows of Bonaventure Cemetery to the ethereal beauty of Forsyth Park; we dive into the history and mythology of the city and discover the power of art to unlock the mysteries of the unconscious mind. I can’t wait to see the spectres and shadows that appear in our class.


About the Instructor

Andrea Matus deMeng


Andrea Matus is a Vancouver-based mixed media artist whose artwork defies easy categorization. She merges painting, collage, assemblage, and sculpture in ways that challenge conventional distinctions between these forms and creates work that is both beautiful and conceptually rich.

Matus’ art is rooted in a celebration of femininity, resilience, and creativity, drawing from sources as diverse as contemporary culture, mythology, historic iconography, and her own travel experiences. By combining these disparate elements, she creates surreal worlds that transport the viewer to new times and places.

Each motif in Matus’ artworks is selected with care, and her original illustrations, color choices, and use of ornamentation and symbolism combine to create powerful visual statements that tell compelling stories. The improvisational nature of her collage techniques coupled with a very precise paint process combine spontaneity and premeditation in her work resulting in pieces that feel unique and meticulously crafted.

Matus’ willingness to experiment with new materials and techniques is central to her practice. Her recent series, Optical Collages, demonstrates her ongoing dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in mixed media art.

Matus is involved with exhibitions and workshops held throughout the world and a growing base of collectors in North America, Australia and Europe.

Enrollment is limited, so secure your spot in this one-of-a-kind class today.

Supply List – (please read carefully)

Download Supply List

  • Cradled Wood Panel 8”x10” and at least 1.5” deep
  • A picture frame 8”x10” (or slightly larger) frame with a 5”x7” opening – glass removed – In other words, the frame is for a 5”x7” photo, but the structure of the frame measures at least 8”x10” since we’ll be attaching our cradled panel to the back.
  • Faces – (we’ll be working with a viewing area about 5”x 7” as a reference), high contrast clear close-up of faces works really well, in a variety of sizes as small a passport photo and up to 5”x7” – please make sure they are photocopies and try to have them copied onto glossy photo paper if possible.
  • Copies of some of your faces and/or other imagery on transparency (laser or photocopy is a must –look at class samples to get an idea of what to print on transparency
  • Paper, ephemera, tissue paper and collage items
  • Paintbrushes: bring a few in different sizes (at least one detail brush)
  • Water Container & Palette (paper plates will suffice)
  • Matte medium – 4 oz (will sound syrupy when you shake the bottle)
  • Scissors
  • An assortment of found objects, things like: watch parts, wings, rulers, fabric trim, chains, old jewelry pieces just about anything, we’ll be using these to adorn the interior and the frame
  • Ruler
  • Your usual marking making tools (pencils, markers, etc.)
  • If you have an x-acto knife and mat please bring it along (I’ll have some for sharing)
  • Sheet of foam core 8”x10” or larger

Optional Supplies

  • Heat gun
  • Mica
  • Mica flakes
  • Gold leaf
  • Paper Towels & Baby Wipes (recommended)

Instructor Provided Supplies

  • Specialty Mediums & Adhesives
  • Paints
  • Translucent Plexi Material for Class
  • Led string lights
  • Cardstock
  • Aves Clay
  • Alcohol Inks & related supplies
  • Use of shared supplies
  • Small Package of found objects/materials
  • Package of Collage Material and ephemera

Any questions about the supply list, don’t hesitate to ask me!