Susan Shie

Susan Shie (pronounced “shy”) lives in Wooster, Ohio with her husband Jimmy Acord. Both have studios in their home and are fulltime artists. Shie, born in 1950, holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from Kent State University School of Art [1986] and a BA from The College of Wooster (1981, Phi Beta Kappa.) Both degrees are in Painting. Her work is quilted narrative paintings, which are time capsules of current events and her own diary musings, often created within the context of her Kitchen Tarot project. Shie has received two NEA Grants (1990-1 and 1994-5), four Ohio Arts Council Individual Artist Grants (most recent in 1998) and Artist in Residences in New York City, China, Ireland, and Alfred University. Shie received a $50,000 Major Artist Fellowship from The Ohio Arts Council and NEA in 1990-91. She won the “Best of Show” award in 1987, at the first of her ten Quilt National exhibitions. Most recently she was given the Teacher of the Year 2008 award by Professional Quilter Magazine. In her narrative art of diary, socio-political commentary and in her teaching, Shie strives to have a positive, uplifting effect on those who see her art around the world. Her work has been in many national and international exhibitions, as well as in numerous articles and books.

Along with founding and maintaining the GREEN QUILTS world project (which officially ended in 2004, after 15 years), Shie helps organize and develop local art events and projects. She sees the making of art as an integral and important aspect of healing: balancing, cleansing, and unstressing the mind. “When people learn to really bring their artmaking process from their intuition, unjudged by the rules they’ve learned, they make their most exciting work.” Plus it’s a lot of fun and fun is relaxing, and relaxation is healing. This is the emphasis in her class teaching: showing students the way back to creating from their hearts and souls.