Stephanie Lee

A modern day expeditioner, I practice my own version of archeology, scanning the terrain for intriguing bits and pieces that present themselves. I am most inspired by nature and its melodic effects on the human spirit with my intention being to offer a simple and organic approach to viewers in my work. Passionate about repurposing everyday materials, I am committed to reinventing normal into something eclectic, expressive, lighthearted and potentially spiritually stimulating all at once.
Having traveled the United States and internationally to offer creative instruction, I find respite in my home studio in the valleys of Southern Oregon where I work from home – continually influenced by the view out my studio windows, witty comments from my young daughters, and the ebb and flow of creative energy. My own book featuring my found object jewelry titled “Semiprecious Salvage” is now available in book stores and her plaster working book co-authored by Judy Wise will be available mid 2011.